Food Picture 

Stoofvlees in Fenikshof in Grimbergen, Belgium

travel log, trains 

20:05 Arrived in Brussels-South or as they say: Brussels-Noon (Brusselles-Midi).

We went looking for a red ticket machine to get our MOBIB cards.


I'm so into , I'm forgetting how cardinal directions work. While raiding in , I know where North is. I need to go East and my heads says East is counter-clockwise to North.

The Internet: Solving CAPTCHAs and looking at cat pictures.
Now I can do both at the same time.

Introduction Toot, eye contact 

Updating my toot:
I'm 0xReki, a jack of all trades from Germany.

By day, I'm a Network Administrator at a public institution.

At other times, I play , , other JRPGs and other games. If there's still time I don't spend with just-for-fun projects, like TwitchPlaysSegaMJ, I write , currently you can find at or I stream at while PNGtubing as my FFXIV Character.

shady recruitment emails 

Today is a very shady day. This is a DM I received on Twitter. Sales growth services for Amazon — are these those fake reviewers?


shady recruitment emails 

I just received unsolicited email from an HR recruitment company claiming I had a talk with them — I didn't — that's shady. After putting it into spam, this was the result. This company got even more shady.

#FFXIV 6.2 Spoiler 

Can I have it as a mount?

I don't know since when these exist, but really like to have these combined selftests for COVID, Flu A & Flu B.

That moment, when a white winged cat in a game like is more than some people in the real world…

In the German version, Bruno says: “Listen to your inner voice.”

My inner voice is saying: “I'm losing.”

Sure, my health did take dip due to getting Corona and I feel like I have slept forever. Patch 9.59. Did I sleep through 3 whole expansions?! Last thing I remember was the Live Letter about 6.25. And when did FFXIV release for the Xbox?

I get that people might prefer servers with populations that speak their language, but if you're asking like this, don't blame us for getting angry and kicking you.

And no, that's an insult and does not fall under free speech.

Automatic tools for processing natural languages are still hit and miss. Or is there a positive adjective to butcher/the butchest I don't know about? If yes, what does it mean?